28 Signs That You Were Born And Raised In LA’s South Bay

Congrats, you’re an SB warrior.

1. You consider OLD Tony’s heaven on earth.

2. You’ve been to 10,000 birthday parties at Gable House.

3. But now that you’re 21+ it’s karaoke at PV Bowl all the way.

4. You know the Torrance Transit to LA isn’t an option because it will take 3 hours.

5. You have a regular order and probably a mug from Joe’s.

6. Whenever you drive by Malaga Cove, you’re like “oh hai Europe?”

7. Don’t get it twisted - La Capilla is the best.

8. “Sunnydale” and “West Beverly” will always just be Torrance High to you.

9. Your mom has DEFS picked you up from the AMC Rolling Hills 20.

10. You have a go-to dive bar and it shall be yours forever.

11. If you’re feeling “healthy” you’re gonna hit up The Spot or The Green Temple.

12. You’ve heard crazy rumors about the comic book house and you love spotting the Spiderman car about town.

13. You know this sh*t is haunted.

14. You know they film everything here and that “The OC” was actually “The SB”.

15. All the bad-ass kids you knew ended up going to Shery High.

16. You’ve probz done something bad at the top of the rocket ship.

17. You have spent around one-third of your life at the Del Amo Mall. Sorry, I mean *Fashion Center

18. The Armed Forces Day Parade is a great excuse to BBQ.

19. You grew up saying ‘sup to Turkey John in Hermosa Beach (Chicken John if you’re nasty.)

20. It’s upsetting when you’re on PV Drive and DON’T see the Jesus Van.

21. Everyone you know has or will go to El Camino.

22. You call El Burrito Jr. “LBJ” and you know what a Special C is.

23. Meeting at RAT Beach is always a good plan, and the food stand there will forever be known as Alfredo’s.

24. Your summers probably included a ride on your beach cruiser on the 2nd Street Strand and a sauce and cheese sub from Mickey’s.

25. You’ve accidentally been to some sort of a poetry reading at Coffee Cartel.

26. You hit up Candy Cane Lane pretty much every year.

27. You know the true terror of the Fun Factory (but also that it’s awesome.)

28. And even though you used to complain that it was boring, you now know it’s the greatest place on earth.

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