• The Max from ‘Saved By the Bell’

    The Max from 'Saved By the Bell'

    Maybe the most famous of all after school hangouts, The Max was owned by that weird magician dude Max and was seemingly steps away from Bayside High. The Max met its demise in a Saved by the Bell: The New Class episode “Fire at The Max.”

  • The Smash Club from ‘Full House’

    The Smash Club from 'Full House'

    If you recall, Uncle Jesse inherits what was once a popular night club where he and his band The Rippers played. Later, Stephanie and her group Girl Talk perform the Ace of Base classic “I Saw the Sign,” and get all kinds of stage fright!

  • Angel Grove Youth Center or Gym and Juice Bar from ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’

    Angel Grove Youth Center or Gym and Juice Bar from 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'

    I never really understood the business plan of this place, youth center, gym AND juice bar? All of the Power Rangers were always hanging out here, which made sense because they were all karate/acrobat wizards. But they would always run into their comedic bullies Bulk and Skull here, who obviously weren’t doing any gymin’ or juicin’.

  • Arnold’s Drive In from ‘Happy Days’

    Arnold's Drive In from 'Happy Days'

    Arnold’s Drive in was not only the place where Richie and Potsie would go chill after school hours, but was also home to the jukebox that would do anything the Fonz said.

  • Bean There Brewed That on ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’

    Bean There Brewed That on 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'

    Sabrina was so busy during her high school years learning magic and dealing with warlocks that she never got a job! When she graduated and faced the cruel reality of post-high school life, she found that a coffee shop position was needed! At Bean There Brewed That Sabrina met that hot guy Josh, which led to her cheating on our beloved Harvey!! DAMN YOU BEANTHEREBREWEDTHAT!

  • Sharkey’s from ‘California Dreams’

    Sharkey's from 'California Dreams'

    California Dreams is just like Saved by the Bell but just a little beachier. Sharkey’s was the place to hang after a good surf, and also offered a stage for the California Dreams band that the gang formed. Weird fact: The restaurant chain Sharky’s Wood-fired Mexican Grill opened the same year that this show first aired, 1992.

  • The Crashdown Cafe from ‘Roswell’

    The Crashdown Cafe from 'Roswell'

    The Crashdown Cafe, located in Roswell, New Mexico, serves all kinds of wonderful alien themed confections, and the waitress uniforms are adorbz!

  • Honker Burger from ‘Doug”

    Honker Burger from 'Doug''

    Honker Burger is the sacred ground where Doug Funny saw Patty Mayonnaise for the first time. We knew Skeeter would be a good friend for life when he helped Doug order.

  • The Pier Diner from ‘The OC’

    The Pier Diner from 'The OC'

    Many a discussion was had over Marissa’s pill poppin, shopliftin’, attention-getting ways at the good ol’ Pier Diner. The real diner and most of the show’s locations were actually filmed in Redondo Beach, CA. #NotTheOC

  • Rocket Burger from ‘Sister Sister’

    Rocket Burger from 'Sister Sister'

    In season 2 of Sister Sister the twins try to juggle jobs both at their dad’s limo service AND at Rocket Burger. Gotta love those crazy twin shenanigans! Tia gets hired as the assistant manager at Rocket Burger, but then Tamera gets her fired, then Tamera gets hired and fired. Of course in the end, ROGER gets the job. OH ROGER!

  • The Bronze from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

    The Bronze from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

    The Bronze just felt like a place vampires would hang around. It was located in a dark and dingy alley that made every entrance and exit a gamble. While everybody was in high school it seemed like The Bronze just served coffee and such, but as they got older it morphed into a 21+ nightclub.

  • The Peach Pit on ‘Beverly Hills 90210’

    The Peach Pit on 'Beverly Hills 90210'

    All the action went down at the 50s diner known as The Peach Pit. Brandon Walsh worked there, and when they brought the Pit back in the 90210 reboot, Dixon Wilson joined the staff.

  • The Digital Bean from ‘Lizzie McGuire’

    The Digital Bean from 'Lizzie McGuire'

    All the cool dudes at Hillridge Junior High go over to The Digital Bean after school. When Lizzie is trying to impress THE Ethan Craft, she gets a short-lived job at the Bean. Why anyone would be impressed with a girl for working at an internet cafe is beyond me.

  • The Dot from ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’

    The Dot from 'Degrassi: The Next Generation'

    All kinds of crazy stuff went down at The Dot. There have been near fatal fights, shootings and even an explosion that damn near destroyed this Degrassi hangout! Spinner and Emma used to work at the cafe, but it seems that they figured out that they’re probably bad for business.

  • Breadsticks from ‘Glee’

    Breadsticks from 'Glee'

    The singers of McKinley High LOVE Breadsticks. Santana even once said, “They are legally required to never stop bringing you breadsticks, so that’s awesome.

  • Chubbie’s Famous from ‘Boy Meets World’

    Chubbie's Famous from 'Boy Meets World'

    Chubbie’s is a burger joint where all the bros from John Adams High unwind. Chubbie is a burger-nazi of sorts, you must order for the first time in code. In “Things Change”, Chubbie’s is turned into a pirate restaurant called Peg-Leg Pete’s. :(

  • The Hub on ‘That 70s Show’

    The Hub on 'That 70s Show'

    When they weren’t down in the basement you could probably find the 70’s Show gang down at The Hub. Even Jessica Simpson has been to The Hub!

  • The Ice House from ‘Dawsons Creek’

    The Ice House from 'Dawsons Creek'

    Joey Potter’s dad owns The Ice House, and when he is carried away to jail for drugs, the business stays in the family. Then it burns down. Much later Pacey buys The Ice House and fixes it up all nice-like (pictured.)

  • Luke’s Diner on ‘Gilmore Girls’

    Luke's Diner on 'Gilmore Girls'

    The people of Stars Hollow go down Luke’s Diner for some quality grub. The lovable grouch Luke owns this establishment where Lorelei asked for his hand in marriage.

  • Karen’s Cafe from ‘One Tree Hill’

    Karen's Cafe from 'One Tree Hill'

    Karen’s Cafe changes hands many times throughout the series, and later on Haley James Scott (formerly a waitress there) and Brooke buy the joint together. Gavin DeGraw even made an appearance at Karen’s, singing “I Don’t Want to Be” and “Chariot.”

  • Rico’s from ‘Hannah Montana’

    Rico's from 'Hannah Montana'

    For some reason a 10-year-old owns this beachside property on Hannah Montana. I guess it makes sense in a world where a blonde wig is a fool proof disguise.

  • The Mystic Grill from ‘The Vampire Diaries’

    The Mystic Grill from 'The Vampire Diaries'

    The Mystic Grill is the local place to be in Mystic Falls - both the Bachelor Raffle and Music Night took place here.