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19 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In 90s Northamptonshire Remembers

RIP Charlie the Swinging Monkey.

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3. Every trip to Abington Park was followed by a trek up the "mountain" to the ice cream van.

Instagram: @andydshaw81

Tuck in kid, you’ve bloody well earned it.

4. Being dragged round the Grosvenor Centre by your mum/nan/partner was equal to some kind of hell. / Creative Commons

But at least you could sit on the edge of the window display in Burtons and think about what you were doing with your life.


8. You fondly remember the swinging monkey in the window of a shoe shop.

Charlie the Chimp has retired and is going to be put in Watford Museum. Do you think he should stay in Northampton?

Who is now fighting for breath, buried in a mountain of shoes at Northampton’s shoe museum.


9. You’d snigger EVERY SINGLE TIME you passed the Bell End sign.

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12. Or you cameoed as James Bond at Quasar Laser.

Before your dreams came shattering down when you were discovered by the enemy because your gun loudly and repeatedly insisted you "RETURN TO ENERGISER".


18. You constantly bumped into local "celebrities".

#growingupinnorthampton old jamaican man called charlie-brown who either asks you to marry him or is marrying a different woman each week

Like bus passenger Charlie, who was forever planning his nuptials.