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    19 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In 90s Northamptonshire Remembers

    RIP Charlie the Swinging Monkey.

    1. The now demolished Greyfriars Bus Station was one of the ugliest buildings in Britain.

    Flickr: eloquentness

    It wasn’t much better inside either – touch a handrail and you catch gonorrhea.

    2. The mere sight of it even recently made Justin Bieber dry wretch.

    3. Every trip to Abington Park was followed by a trek up the "mountain" to the ice cream van.

    4. Being dragged round the Grosvenor Centre by your mum/nan/partner was equal to some kind of hell. / Creative Commons

    But at least you could sit on the edge of the window display in Burtons and think about what you were doing with your life.

    5. Any event would make the news, no matter how trivial.

    Flickr: proudlove / Creative Commons / Twitter: @northantspolice / BuzzFeed

    Whether it was that the supermarket ran out of paperclips or the bus was 15 minutes late, it all happens here.

    6. The Market Square was the best place to get anything at a cut price.

    Flickr: kingofdaventry / Creative Commons

    As well as all the T-shirts featuring wolves howling at the moon that you could ever need.

    7. You owned hundreds of pairs of DMs. / Via Creative Commons

    Because they cost about a fiver a pair from the seconds shop in Wollaston.

    8. You fondly remember the swinging monkey in the window of a shoe shop.

    Charlie the Chimp has retired and is going to be put in Watford Museum. Do you think he should stay in Northampton?

    Who is now fighting for breath, buried in a mountain of shoes at Northampton’s shoe museum.

    9. You’d snigger EVERY SINGLE TIME you passed the Bell End sign.

    10. Every primary school had a trip to Kingswood Activity Centre.

    Where you could legit show up your teacher by driving your go kart like a boss.

    11. And you had a roller disco birthday party at Benham Sports Arena.

    Facebook: BenhamSportsArena

    Where you’d make a dick of yourself, likely breaking your ankle in the process but it'd be worth it for the cake and party bag.

    12. Or you cameoed as James Bond at Quasar Laser.

    13. You probably queued up for hours outside Toys "R" Us to buy a Tamagotchi.

    Flickr: _jwg

    You still have abandonment issues. RIP little fella, RIP.

    14. You could spend hours in the joke shop on the Welly Road.

    Buying fake fags filled with talcum powder and then immediately choking on them in front of everyone.

    15. "Greebos" would hang out by the front of Spinadisc and Black Rose.

    Or they'd be trying to buy bongs in Emporium.

    16. You’d spend hours dressing up for the nappy nights at Ritzy and Glenvilles.

    Flickr: clubzoowashington / Via Creative Commons

    But the foam parties weren’t exactly, uhh, glamourous.

    17. And If you were alternative you’d head to the Soundhaus.

    And end up getting stuck in the cyber goth room. MY EYES! MY EARS!

    18. You constantly bumped into local "celebrities".

    #growingupinnorthampton old jamaican man called charlie-brown who either asks you to marry him or is marrying a different woman each week

    Like bus passenger Charlie, who was forever planning his nuptials.

    19. The balloon festival and town show were the highlights of the year.

    Twitter: @beckx28

    Where else would you find creepy novelty hot air balloons one-hit-wonder pop groups of the '80s?