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    22 Slightly Odd Things Everyone On A Gluten-Free Diet Has Done

    You've never even considered leaving the house without your own snacks, for one.

    1. Ordered an odd combination of small dishes to have as one meal.

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    And wiped the tears from your eyes while you watched everyone else gorge on huge stonebaked pizzas.

    2. Eaten the most miserable plain side salad because it’s the only thing you can have on the menu.

    Flickr: like_the_grand_canyon / Creative Commons

    3. Been surprised at your own disappointment of some of the gluten-free "meals" you’ve been confronted with. / Flickr: 63723146@N08 / Creative Commons

    4. Gone to the supermarket for essentials and come back having spent £67.98 on gluten-free snacks.

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    5. And then binged on all the baked goods within an hour.

    Comedy Central

    6. Taken your own food with you to any event you’re invited to.

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    You essentially need to be ready for a gluten-free apocolypse at all times.

    7. And taken your own bread rolls and sauce to restaurants with you.

    8. Scoped out online menus of cafés and restaurants before even considering stepping foot in the door.

    20th Television

    9. And become really bitter when you realised there was nothing on the menu you could have.

    10. Eaten a crazy number of baked potatoes.

    Flickr: secretlondon / Creative Commons

    In a random place and run out of snacks? A baked potato is probably your only option, unless you want the plain side salad of doom again.

    11. Got really excited when you’ve found out that a new gluten-free product is on offer.

    BREAKING: State of emergency declared after Inner West runs out of gluten-free corn chips

    Via Twitter: @Joe_Hildebrand

    Although that inevitably means it’ll sell out in 0.284 seconds.

    12. Thought "fuck it" and had something dripping in gluten because you couldn’t face the gluten-free alternative…

    TriStar Pictures

    13. …and regretted it later that evening when your stomach ballooned and you wanted to crawl into the toilet.

    Metro Goldwyn Meyer

    14. Bought at least one new hot water bottle every Christmas as you can never have enough when gluten attacks strike.

    15. Designated yourself a cupboard in the kitchen that no one else is allowed to open.

    16. And crammed your desk drawer at work full with safe foods.

    Behold the snack drawer of dreams #phdlife #glutenfree #amwriting #snacksmakewordshappen


    They’re infinitely more important than office supplies.

    17. Become besties with everyone that mentions #GlutenFree on their Twitter bio.

    Disney–ABC Domestic Television

    18. Thought you might be pregnant when you’ve eaten gluten and your stomach has bloated up so much.

    19. Bought yourself a personal chopping board and pans and been willing to fight anyone who tries to use them.

    20th Century Fox

    20. Visited three different supermarkets to get the best gluten-free products they have.

    21. Showed pictures of your swollen stomach to anyone who’d look at them.

    22. Known that as hard as a gluten-free diet can be, it can make you feel so much better.

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