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22 Slightly Odd Things Everyone On A Gluten-Free Diet Has Done

You've never even considered leaving the house without your own snacks, for one.

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9. And become really bitter when you realised there was nothing on the menu you could have.

Hunger combined with disappointment does bad, bad things to people.

11. Got really excited when you’ve found out that a new gluten-free product is on offer.

BREAKING: State of emergency declared after Inner West runs out of gluten-free corn chips

Although that inevitably means it’ll sell out in 0.284 seconds.


14. Bought at least one new hot water bottle every Christmas as you can never have enough when gluten attacks strike.

15. Designated yourself a cupboard in the kitchen that no one else is allowed to open.

You even consider padlocking it because its contents are so precious.

16. And crammed your desk drawer at work full with safe foods.

Behold the snack drawer of dreams #phdlife #glutenfree #amwriting #snacksmakewordshappen

They’re infinitely more important than office supplies.


18. Thought you might be pregnant when you’ve eaten gluten and your stomach has bloated up so much.

20. Visited three different supermarkets to get the best gluten-free products they have.

21. Showed pictures of your swollen stomach to anyone who’d look at them.