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21 Uniquely Brighton Things The World Is Missing Out On

Mainly dog cafes and genital celebrations.

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9. A hotel with an actual rotating bed and mirrored-ceiling.

Instagram: @pelirocco

11. A celebrity death board.

Instagram: @mashtunbrighton

Spend a quid guessing which celebrity will kick the bucket first.


13. And talks of an actual zipwire on the seafront.

#Brighton big wheel to be replaced by zip wire?

Never shall we need to use our idiotic legs to travel again.

15. A night out for tattoo-clad hipsters.

Instagram: @pelirocco

Don’t worry, I’m sure your Winnie The Pooh tattoo circa 1991 will be just the ticket.


20. Rather bizarre police call outs.

@C00pasaurus 2/2 Upon entry to the property they did indeed find Nicholas Cage. Luckily no one else who was hurt or in danger.

Life-sized celebrity cutouts, terrorising the world since the adventures of Kevin McCallister.