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    21 Uniquely Brighton Things The World Is Missing Out On

    Mainly dog cafes and genital celebrations.

    1. Graffiti that’s genuinely awesome.

    Flickr: adactio / Creative Commons

    2. And graffiti that’s terrible.

    Twitter: @BrightonNewsJo

    Who wouldn’t want a creepy 15 foot Ronald McDonald throwing up on their house?

    3. The threat of certain death by seagull at any given moment.

    Or at least the threat of losing your tofu and quinoa salad to a bitter beak.

    4. Fatboy Slim gigs on the beach.

    Just a typical Tuesday night with Norman Cook, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost all getting rat-arsed under one roof.

    5. And Nick Cave helping a fire-juggling unicyclist.

    Twitter: @BrightonNewsJo / BuzzFeed

    If ever a tweet needed a #brighton hashtag, this is it.

    6. A dog cafe that sells chicken-flavoured ice cream.

    I wonder if Hove’s Chubby Chops cafe accepts PayPup? (sorry)

    7. This brilliant raving granddad.

    Flickr: martin_thomas / Creative Commons

    Disco Pete, as he’s known to locals, is always guaranteed to liven up any August seafront busker’s performance.

    8. An annual naked bike ride.

    Flickr: ledgard

    You’ll see things your eyes can never unsee.

    9. A hotel with an actual rotating bed and mirrored-ceiling.

    10. A festival entirely dedicated to sandcastles.

    Flickr: neela / Via Creative Commons

    And not just any sandcastles. The sculptures are genuinely brilliant and never hit a bum note.

    11. A celebrity death board.

    12. The real* possibility of planning notice for a pork palace.

    *May or may not be real.

    13. And talks of an actual zipwire on the seafront.

    #Brighton big wheel to be replaced by zip wire?

    Never shall we need to use our idiotic legs to travel again.

    14. Penis decorations.

    15. A night out for tattoo-clad hipsters.

    16. A masterful man with a van.

    17. Traffic wardens who do everything by the book.

    Twitter: @LyraSpacey

    Hey, a double yellow is a double yellow.

    18. Friendly pet fosterers.

    To be fair, it sounds like Enid was having the time of her life.

    19. A walk amongst the living dead.

    Flickr: image_munky / Creative Commons

    Sadly the zombie walk is no more – ironically due to health and safety issues.

    20. Rather bizarre police call outs.

    @C00pasaurus 2/2 Upon entry to the property they did indeed find Nicholas Cage. Luckily no one else who was hurt or in danger.

    Life-sized celebrity cutouts, terrorising the world since the adventures of Kevin McCallister.

    21. Brighton Pride.

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