21 Things You Learn Working In TV Production

    It's not as glamorous as you'd think.

    1. Most people don't understand what a producer actually does.

    2. The truth is, a producer does EVERYTHING.

    3. Most of these skills don't get taught to us in journo school.

    4. It's a huge help if we're good at talking to everyone, even better at listening, and shit hot at getting a vibe off people quickly.

    5. We have to get used to having several meetings a day.

    6. We often find ourselves breaking down all time into units because we're glued to rundowns.

    7. We do a lot of walking on the job.

    8. Everything becomes a potential source for a story, plot line, or location.

    9. We learn everything about the on-screen regulars.

    10. Our typical meals aren't as glamorous as our on-screen coworkers'.

    11. We often have to improvise at locations.

    12. If shit hits the fan, we have to be there.

    13. Things are rarely broadcast true to life.

    14. Recording with animals really is hard work.

    15. Being a drama queen gets you nowhere.

    16. There's little time to relax as a producer.

    17. We often get the blame when the on-screen talent messes up.

    18. A lot of producers are freelancers, so we basically live on a student budget.

    19. You end up working with so many weird and wonderful people who know all sorts of strange stuff.

    20. If you spot another camera crew, a satellite truck, or someone rigging up a location during your downtime, you can't just walk past.

    21. Every day at work is completely different to the next, and that's amazing.

    Note: This post is based on one person’s experience of working in the industry.