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    You Don't Have To Ditch Your Leather Dresses When You're Pregnant

    A new blog, "Maternally Chic," documents how one pregnant stylist works things like her beloved leather Balenciaga pants into her wardrobe. While you probably don't have $2,000 pants to worry about or use the words "body con" with any regularity, her tips actually aren't bad.

    Think maternity style, and what comes to mind for the average person is stuff like this:

    A Pea in the Pod is fine, but let's say you want more than sweaters in every shade of gray and every variation of striped. Say you have a gift card to a non-maternity store. Say you don't want your pregnancy style to be limited by that which bears the label maternity. This is the problem high fashion stylist Pippa Vosper faced when she found herself unexpectedly pregnant. But woe! Her closet was also pregnant — with hordes of fabulous, expensive fancy clothes that she didn't want to store away for those months that she was with bump. So she didn't, and ended up launching a blog called Maternally Chic to explain how to wear non-maternity things and look stylish while pregnant. The "about" page reads:

    An enviable wardrobe filled with bodycon Alaia and Balenciaga leather trousers meant that when Pippa found out she was pregnant, the only thing that she knew would change was her expanding bump. She decided her wardrobe would stay exactly the same and thus Maternally Chic was brought to life.

    Vosper leads an anything but ordinary life, clothes-wise. This is a woman who told London's Evening Standard, "Attempting to zip up my Balenciaga at the four month mark of my pregnancy was nothing short of comical." Okay, most people don't ever have to worry about zipping up Balenciaga anything. Or fitting into an Alexander McQueen corset dress. Or wearing any type of leather pant, ever. Because most people don't own those things. But if you look past the extravagance of Vosper's personal wardrobe, her ideas are good. Like, say you have a leather dress you love that you think won't suit your bump. Why not just wear it anyway?

    Vosper has a number of looks like the belwo, consisting of full-skirted dresses and shrunken jackets. Again, replace the labels with stores you actually shop at like Zara or H&M and she's onto something.

    Also, you don't have to store away your cropped sweater. You can layer it and hike your skirt up a bit:

    And if you just plain don't want to maternity dress at all, just do what Rachel on Friends did, and wear everything super tight with your belly hanging out. People went nuts for her hair but what was even more spectacular than that was her pregnancy style.