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    You Can Buy J. Lo's Silver "Dance Again" Outfit For Just $575!

    It's really quite a small price to pay to look like J. Lo.

    Last night Jennifer Lopez's highly, highly anticipated "Dance Again" video premiered on "American Idol." Which does not necessarily mean that we bothered with the show last night, but! That some of us went out of our way to YouTube it this morning. All you really need to know about it is that when J. Lo isn't writing in black glitter sand:

    Or dancing in a plain black corset (forgettable), or crawling on the floor in a black bra and underwear (seen it before, also), she's leaning against a stripper pole and working this outfit right here:

    If you were thinking you wish you had that for your pole-related exploits, good news! You can buy it on designer Norma Kamali's website, where the styling suggestion seems to be clear heels. Talk about a look anyone can wear.

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