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When Couponing Leads To Murder

So goes the plot of a truly amazing-sounding book.

Presenting, this press release:

Not What She Bargained For: Extreme Couponer Suspected in Retail Manager's Murder

Women's fiction author Linda Joffe Hull pens comical tale of penny-pinching gone wrong

ST. PAUL, MINN. — Extreme couponing has been trending in America the past few years, and now these loyal penny-pinchers can enjoy the misadventures of coupon queen Mrs. Frugalicious in the new novel, Eternally 21, by Linda Joffe Hull. Eternally 21 is scheduled for release June 8.

With the looming risk of her husband's secret—that the financial guru lost the family's nest egg in a Ponzi scheme—being exposed, and the possibility of bankruptcy and foreclosure, Maddie Michaels is willing to do anything to keep the family afloat. To maintain the appearance that everything is financially fine, Maddie sets up a bargain hunter's website under the alias Mrs. Frugalicious.

While at the mall researching deals for her site, Maddie is mistakenly accused of shoplifting at Eternally 21 by manager Laila DeSimone. Shortly after the accusation and Maddie's acquittal, the universally disliked manager drops dead at the store. Since Laila was a universally disliked manager, the police now have a murder suspect list longer than Maddie's bargain spreadsheet. But Maddie discovers the bulk of the evidence points to her. Now, Maddie's in a race to find the real killer before the police pin the crime on her.

"A character whom readers will be pleased to follow" —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"Never has coupon clipping been so fun or harrowing. Fast-paced, entertaining and filled with twist and turns, Eternally 21 will save mystery readers money and make them lose sleep as they cheer for formerly wealthy turned frugally funny Maddie Michaels."


"Maggie's coupon-clipping tips are seamlessly incorporated into the well-constructed mystery, which provides a series of stunning twists that will leave the reader eager to see what will happen to maddie in the next installment." —BOOKLIST

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