"What's That Jacket, Margiela?" It Is — And You Can Buy It At H&M.

The fashion label made known to the masses by Kanye West's lyric from "N*ggas in Paris" will be available at much lower prices than it usually is at H&M this November.

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Clothes-obsessed people will be in a tizzy today over the news of H&M's forthcoming collection by Maison Martin Margiela, which will hit 230 stores November 15. H&M has sold many lines by super-expensive fashion brands, like Versace and Jimmy Choo, but this one is special. Because in fashion, there's good weird and there's bad weird — and Maison Martin Margiela is generally agreed to be great weird. Customers pay a premium for its uber chic oddness. These clear ankle boots, for example, were $1,095 on Net-a-porter (they've been marked down to $766.50).

And a pair of these splatter painted Maison Martin Margiela sneakers is $525 at Barneys:

This deconstructed Margiela tee is also available at Barneys, on sale for $259 marked down from $430:

You may be thinking, why, what overpriced nonsense! But for people who spend a lot of time thinking about clothes, looking at clothes, and wanting to look different from the average clothes-wearing person, Margiela is just the thing for them — as long as they've got the money. Kanye West is one person who perfectly embodies this description, naturally. He famously rapped, "What's that jacket, Margiela?" in that song "N*ggas in Paris" — even though lots of people didn't know WTF he was talking about, as evidenced by popular Googles:

Kanye wears Margiela stuff himself sometimes. Exhibit A: Kanye in relatively normal-looking Margiela sneakers, summer of '09.

Though Kanye wears the label's plainer, more commercial stuff, Margiela is best known for it's weird things, like this iconic wig coat from the spring 2009 collection:

And this grope-y top made from gloves:

For the fall 2009 couture collection, Margiela's unconventional materials included this awesome vest made from average blue pen caps:

Another piece of that collection was this astoundingly festive creation, demonstrating the designer's penchant for exaggerated shoulders (to say the least):

And from the spring 2009 couture (or Artisinal, the brand calls it) collection, was this spectacular half-pantsless denim number:

Margiela's models' faces are often concealed as anonymity is a big part of the brand's DNA. The labels on the clothes are simple white squares (as you can see in the deconstructed tee above). He never turned his logo into a pattern for ugly bags people only carry just to show they can afford flashy designer crap. And Margiela himself never took a bow after his fashion shows, as is customary, or gave in-person interviews. The famously reclusive designer was never even photographed, which is highly unusual in the publicity-hungry business that is fashion. This rare image of his face that ran in a 2008 New York Times story about the designer's exit from his label was the first image of Martin Margiela the man that many had ever seen:

The reclusiveness was meant to show that the brand was not designed by one man, but by a group. Now, the Maison Martin Margiela label is understood to be designed by a team. Unlike pretty much every other label, it has no one designer face. It's latest runway show looked like this:

So the clothes are weird but wearable. I suspect the H&M collection, though images are not available yet, will look more like this stuff than, well, the wig coats. Prices haven't been disclosed but expect them to be more than regular H&M stuff and less than regular Margiela stuff.

Here are two teaser videos of the collection:

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