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    Well Here's One Way To Make Google Glasses Less Goofy (Maybe)

    Sponsor a fashion show to get pictures of models (and Sarah Jessica Parker) wearing them!

    Hours before her show on Sunday, Diane Von Furstenberg sent out a press release announcing that Google Glass would figure into it. The release — subject line: "Glass Hits the Runway at the DVF Spring 2013 Fashion Show" — did not explicitly call this special accessory "Google Glasses," perhaps because that doesn't sound very chic. But lo! There they were on the runway looking... chic? Or FREAK?

    Honestly, everything at Fashion Week is so weird and heavily sponsored anyway that this doesn't seem that abnormal. And somehow, this feels like a natural next step for Google following, that puzzingly short-lived ecommerce foray (of which DVF and a bunch of other top industry members were a part). I wouldn't be surprised if next Fashion Week Google paid people who always get photographed by street style photographers to run around wearing them.

    Prior to the show, Google co-founder Sergey Brin personally styled DVF in her Google frames. Apparently a video of DVF's Google Glass experience is coming out Thursday on her Google+ page.

    Brin also sat front-row wearing a pair in a pretty blue shade.

    Afterward, friends of DVF like Sarah Jessica Parker got to try them on. Perhaps she was Google's big chance to get these things on the fall wish lists of Sex and the City fans the world over. It's still unclear to me if DVF is going to collaborate with Google on DVF/Google glasses (beats an H&M line everyone has done already?).

    And just to show you how big a part of this fashion show Google's sponsorship was, Brin even took a bow with DVF and her designer (right) at the end of it. Usually, designers just take a bow themselves, or occasionally with their favorite model. But going out there with Brin is almost like picking up your diploma at graduation with your parents at your side because they paid for it.