Watch Glamorous Cat Fights On A Fashion Shoot

    It's a video/GIF spectacular!

    This is what happened when Juicy Couture tried to shoot a video using cat models.

    The infighting and misbehaving amongst the cats (the real MEAT of this shoot, in other words) was edited out for the actual video, which still turned out pretty cute.

    So here are some things to keep in mind when doing a cat fashion shoot of your own.

    Do not assume even ultra-professional, super-gorgeous cats will do what they're supposed to.

    Shorthairs may be prone to jealousy when luscious Persians are present.

    Buffer cats don't always work.

    The most docile cats might get tired of you and try to escape.

    Even cats are sometimes uninterested in squirmy beings.

    And lastly, if you're going to serve a cat a milktini, watch out for backspray.