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The Versace Show Was The Perfect Commentary On Our "Look At Me!" Times

Yes, I'm about to semi-intellectualize vinyl pants and spiked chokers. How did you know?

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The Italian fashion house presented a collection at Milan Fashion Week Friday that felt like a clear stance on fashion's biggest "debate" of late: whether people who get attention for simply dressing up flashily and trotting themselves out in front of street style cameras at fashion shows deserve to have followings and influence (or merely a semblance of it) in the industry, even if all they've ever done in fashion is start a blog about it. I touched on this in my story about how no new bloggers have managed to become the next Bryanboy in the past year or two, and Suzy Menkes wrote a whole essay about it for the latest issue of T magazine that has pretty much the whole side of the industry that tweets regularly with their panties in a bunch. I think if we look at Donatella's new collection, we'll get a clear sense of the side she's taking.

When you're as iconic as Donatella, your views matter quite a bit, so let's get to it.

Donatella delivered a powerful narrative about how we are strapped to our loud tee-shirts, as though by a spiked harness.

Tony Gentile / Reuters

Literally chained to our ridiculous clothes, risking injury every time we so much as put on a bracelet.