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The Top 10 Reality Stars On The Internet May Surprise You

Who has the reach to top the Kardashians' purported $40 million television deal?

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This week the Kardashians signed what TMZ reported is a $40 million deal with E! to continue trying to get us to "keep up" with them for three more seasons. It's the "richest deal ever in reality TV," TMZ says — and perhaps more than Beyoncé's earnings from May 2010 to May 2011. How accurate that $40 million figure is remains unclear, but of course, if E! bought three more seasons of footage of them sitting around, going to dinner, and wearing makeup, we know it has to be a lot of money because obviously, the Kardashians are a valuable clan (note: use of the word's God-given "C"). A powerful Hollywood agent who works with reality stars once told me that a celebrity's Twitter following is actually becoming more important than their ratings on television. If a realty star tweets "buy my perfume" to 14.5 million people — the number of followers Kim has — and 1 percent of those people buy it, that's 145,000 bottles of perfume sold.

So what other reality stars have an extremely valuable online presence? We had the folks at PeekYou, a search engine that ranks people's digital footprint on a 1 to 10 scale, compile a list of the top 10 reality stars on the internet today. The average person starts at 1 on the scale, and only about 100 of the most publicized people are a 10. Considered in the Peek score are a person's number of Twitter followers, their Facebook fan following, blog posts about them, etc. Kim, naturally, tops the list, but you might be surprised to see some people you've forgotten about on here.


4. Audrina Patridge (Peek Score: 9.47/10)


I was surprised Audrina made the list since the "Hills" and all spinoffs thereof have died. But, "she has two million Twitter followers, which is kind of crazy," Hussey notes. "I don’t know what she’s doing right now, but obviously she was in the news a ton when [the "Hills"] was on. She has 389,000 Facebook fans, almost 24 million references. These footprints — a lot of them are permanent."


Meanwhile, Kardashian overlord Kris Jenner is probably in the top 10,000 or 20,000 people on the web, Hussey says. "We have to stop paying attention to that family if we’re going to unseat them," he adds.

And yes, I know, I'm only helping them hold onto their grip on the Internet and the world.

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