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The Suicide-Themed Fashion Editorial "Vice" Doesn't Want You To See

The magazine removed these images of models acting out the suicides of famous female authors from its website following the expected outrage.

This editorial is from Vice's fiction issue. Paying homage to female writers is a perfectly fine idea, but attempting to glamorize — or make light of? (it's always hard to tell with Vice) — their suicides? Obviously didn't go over so well. Jezebel called the spread "almost breathtakingly tasteless."

As if the images themselves weren't gruesome enough, each photo was captioned with the writer depicted and cause of death. Vice editors gravitate toward controversy and continue to build the magazine's brand by crossing lines other publications won't, so it says a lot when they think they've gone so far over a line that their content warrants un-publishing.






See more from the editorial at Jezebel.

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