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The Romney Campaign's Final Fashion Moment

Oh if only we had charts and graphs to show we knew Ann would wear red and Paul Ryan would wear baggy!

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

For Romney's concession speech — about which there was virtually zero feverish outfit speculation (for shame, all of you) — the clothing was just about what you'd expect. We had no complicated charts and graphs and stats and polling data and MATH to model what they might have worn, which perhaps dampened excitement leading up to the moment, but they looked great, even if the clothes were expected. Ann, naturally, wore a bright red dress with statement jewelry; Romney, of course, wore a suit with a tie and his hair neatly combed; Janna Ryan wore a dress no one planned to remember anyway; and Paul Ryan wore a suit that could fit an extra set of limbs. Now that the election's over, you might be thinking, maybe he'll have time to visit a tailor! But ask yourself this: after months of huge clothes being his Thing, in sort of an increasingly endearing way, would you really want him to?

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