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The Olympics Bring Michelle Obama, The Queen, And Kate Middleton Together Again

Are the Olympics the best or are they the best? (Answer: the best!)

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Michelle Obama arrives at Buckingham Palace for a reception welcoming top people like hers to the U.K. for the Olympics.

POOL / Reuters

Here she is — wearing clothes, it must be noted — with U.K. ambassador Louis Susman. Judging by the slight grimace on her face, she might be noticing how Kate's drab outfit doesn't stack up to her fab one.

Here's Kate, boozing it up with the president of Mongolia (left).

POOL / Reuters

For some reason she seems to have raided the queen's wardrobe of powder blue coats and cinched it at the waist with a dyed-to-match seatbelt.

MObama and K-Mid come together at last!!!!!!!!

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FLOTUS: Ohhhh you are dressed just like the queen. How oddly old of you.

Duchess: Just trying to look stiff enough so that I can get away with drinking and not looking like the nightclub floozy I used to be.

FLOTUS: Dammit! So you're not pregnant.

Duchess: *Smirks*