The Granny Panty Epidemic

The magazine editors must be stopped!

1. Amanda Seyfried covers the latest issue of Elle wearing bedazzled “silk briefs” by Dolce & Gabbana.

Translation: the fanciest granny panties you ever saw.

2. Miranda Kerr also recently wore granny panties — not even bedazzled ones — on the cover of Korean Vogue.

Even Kerr’s expression says, “Excuse me, can I get some real bottoms now?”

3. The truth is, granny panties are spreading like a virus across magazine covers.

Sofia Vergara was also forced into a particularly high-waisted pair for Harper’s Bazaar.

4. Kerry Washington also fell victim to the granny panty plague.

According to her expression, she knows something is amiss — you know, like that she’s not wearing cover-worthy bottoms.

5. What gives magazine editors?

Here the fashion world tells us PANTS are the new hotness, and yet magazines are tied to a bygone era of pantslessness — a relic of the Lady Gaga we’ve all come thisclose to forgetting.

6. Maybe Marc Jacobs has something to do with it.

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

And all of the aforementioned cover models should just be thankful they got to wear tops.

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