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The 29 Hands Down Most Ridiculous New Outfits For Men

Leave it to the French to host the most brilliantly outlandish fashion shows in the world. Here's a look at what some designers want men to wear in the spring of 2013, hot off the Paris Men's Fashion Week runways.

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1. These collapsable trash cans.


Or are they latex-coated male model-sized slinkies? They're probably not ideal for bustling metropolitan settings like New York, but at least if you were feeling fat one day, these are awfully forgiving.

Thom Browne.

6. These high-waisted white pants and leather jacket.


For the man who wants to show Jessica Simpson the right way to belt a pair of pants that ride high enough to offer breast support.


10. These scary shades and pajamas.

PIERRE VERDY / Getty Images

Those glasses creep me the hell out, but I guess if you're going to wear your PJs out of the house that might be something you're going for!

Damir Doma.

11. These rags.

PIERRE VERDY / Getty Images

This is what happens to people forced to sit in a room and watch every episode of the new Snooki and JWOWW show nonstop.

Bernhard Willhelm.

13. This oversized leopard spot print with manny pack.

Francois Mori / AP

This print is like a yoga class. You can't help looking at it and thinking, "Is that a cat or a cow?"


17. This silky "sex Communion" sweatshirt.

PIERRE VERDY / Getty Images

“I’m going back to my roots,’’ Riccardo Tisci, the Catholic designer who created this ensemble told press. “It’s about Communion, but a sex version of it.’’


24. This "everyone wants to kill me" ruff.

PIERRE VERDY / Getty Images

At least if you go around like this people might think you've had a bad enough day already and not try to do it to you again.

Walter Van Beirendonck.

29. This face dress and pink overcoat.


Women have been stealing clothes from their boyfriends for too long. Isn't it time they stole from their girlfriends too?

Raf Simons.

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