The 29 Hands Down Most Ridiculous New Outfits For Men

    Leave it to the French to host the most brilliantly outlandish fashion shows in the world. Here's a look at what some designers want men to wear in the spring of 2013, hot off the Paris Men's Fashion Week runways.

    1. These collapsable trash cans.

    2. These sparkly fuzzy pants and silver body paint.

    3. These colorful whale prints.

    4. This vest with mirrored whales on it.

    5. These wide-legged high-waisted pants and leather sleeveless top.

    6. These high-waisted white pants and leather jacket.

    7. This black sequined jumpsuit.

    8. These suede space cadet suits.

    9. This silver jumpsuit with the underpants on the outside.

    10. These scary shades and pajamas.

    11. These rags.

    12. This elegant blouse made of patches.

    13. This oversized leopard spot print with manny pack.

    14. This floral embroidered contrast suiting.

    15. This lobster halter top.

    16. This 3D shell suiting.

    17. This silky "sex Communion" sweatshirt.

    18. This jumpsuit.

    19. This jumpsuit.

    20. This beak hat.

    21. This black eye makeup.

    22. This pink eye makeup.

    23. This bohemian pajama pant-tank top combo.

    24. This "everyone wants to kill me" ruff.

    25. This ruff and hat with gender symbols.

    26. This rope with the lettered gloves.

    27. This coordinating yellow turban and sporty polo.

    28. This black turban and yellow printed jumpsuit.

    29. This face dress and pink overcoat.