The 21 Most Ubiquitous Trends From Glastonbury, England’s Less Naked Version Of Coachella

Warning: this gets dirty.

1. Cara Delevingne.

The Delevingnes are an epidemic at this thing, really, but first up here’s Cara. This is her being silly on Instagram because that’s what she does.

She has to be everywhere at Glastonbury because she’s “the new Kate Moss.”

Via Fame Fly Net

And Kate Moss is about as common at Glastonbury as clothes in a fashion show — you can’t have one without the other, really.

See? Kate Moss.

Via Danny Martindale / WireImage

Here’s another shot from Cara’s Instagram.

Is she in this photo? Who knows, but her entire posse, including friend Suki Waterhouse (purple pants, center) are representing for #TeamCara. And according to the guy on the right, something smells.

2. These headdresses. Still with these headdresses.

This is Cara’s sister Poppy. They’re seemingly most famous for being sisters/always at things like Glastonbury wearing “kooky” outfits, but they also also have jobs, according to the Daily Mail.

People do everything in these headdresses. They lounge…

Joel Ryan / AP

They duckface…

Somehow these three girls managed to look cute in theirs.

3. Being absolutely filthy.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Really, incredibly, worringly filthy.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Fact: people go to Glastonbury to roll in the mud as much as they go to wear their feather headdresses and try to spot a Delevingne sister.

4. Conversely, another trend is keeping surprisingly clean.

Just like an American Eagle ad.

5. Smoking “funny cigarettes” while wearing interesting headgear.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

6. Shorts and wellies.

Joel Ryan / AP

Show some skin, keep from getting filthy, and wear an outfit that you can only really pull off at this festival.

7. Looking like you’re going to a hipster office job.

Fame Fly Net

I present, Carey Mulligan.

Via Fame Fly Net

And Marcus Mumford.

8. Extreme fringe.

Oh, just wait for it…


Rita Ora even performed with a fringed heart behind her.

Fame Fly Net

Florence Welch pulled it off much better, mostly because whenever she gets dressed she looks like Florence Welch instead of like she’s trying to be Rihanna.

9. Wearing tight netting as a top.

Madonna would be so proud.

10. Power couples.

Not to be outdone by…

Who in turn are not to be outdone by…

There must have been a line around the teepee to take one of these shots.

12. Fabulous cat ears.

13. And to take it one step further: full cat face.

14. More extreme hairy Winny the Pooh ears could also be seen.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

But this was arguably more of a micro-trend.

15. Small, tight jorts.

You can’t have a music festival without these. If you did, you probably wouldn’t have any millennials in attendance.

Pockets out the bottom of the jorts = classic millennial jorts move.

16. Florals: on men.

And women.

Florence Welch again.

Via Fame Fly Net

Sienna Miller. She didn’t have time to shop for this thing so she just grabbed a sheet from someone’s teepee and wore it as a dress.

18. Flowers in hair.

These girls look plenty cute but they can’t compete with…

The epic floral mohawk.


19. And here’s Sienna Miller again. Because she was everywhere.

Via Fame Fly Net

No sense to be made of her outfit, so let’s be polite and not dwell on it.

21. And finally, face art.

And on a final note, this guy wasn’t nearly as ubiquitous as he should have been.

There’s always next year.

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