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The 21 Most Ubiquitous Trends From Glastonbury, England's Less Naked Version Of Coachella

Warning: this gets dirty.

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She has to be everywhere at Glastonbury because she's "the new Kate Moss."

Via Fame Fly Net

And Kate Moss is about as common at Glastonbury as clothes in a fashion show — you can't have one without the other, really.

Here's another shot from Cara's Instagram.

Is she in this photo? Who knows, but her entire posse, including friend Suki Waterhouse (purple pants, center) are representing for #TeamCara. And according to the guy on the right, something smells.

2. These headdresses. Still with these headdresses.

This is Cara's sister Poppy. They're seemingly most famous for being sisters/always at things like Glastonbury wearing "kooky" outfits, but they also also have jobs, according to the Daily Mail.

Really, incredibly, worringly filthy.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Fact: people go to Glastonbury to roll in the mud as much as they go to wear their feather headdresses and try to spot a Delevingne sister.

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