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    The 14 Best Looks From The Latest "Mad Men"

    Megan's outfits continue to steal the show style-wise, but the return of Betty presents a respectable challenge. Hello structured muu muus!

    1. Megan's pleated purple patterned party dress.

    2. And her evening makeup (even though she didn't need to look this sexy when she wore it).

    3. Dawn's simple striped shirtdress.

    4. Megan's boatneck top and long necklace.

    5. Betty's structured, Pepto-Bismol-colored house muu muu.

    6. Peggy's simple, boyish blouses.

    7. Betty's blush pussybow.

    8. Betty's white-and-blue daytime floral with proper pearls.

    9. The new guy's mixed prints.

    This would be very stylish on a woman nowadays.

    10. This hot fortune-telling mess.

    11. Megan's bikini and dorky-but-not (because she's hot) high-waisted shorts.

    12. Peggy's Peter Pan-collared Christmas dress.

    13. Betty's floral housedress with the decorative pom poms dangling from the sleeves (something our clothes truly need more of these days).

    14. Megan's simple bright yellow dress.

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