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Survey: Women Don't Want To Look Like Runway Models

And men prefer chicks with butts.

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The findings, from the survey of 2,000 people conducted by the Gym Group:

First, the Men:

• 33% of men say defined abs are "the most attractive attribute in a woman."

• 25% of men are into a "voluptuous bottom."

• And 11% of men say the most attractive thing about a woman is "firm thighs."

And the Women:

• 51% of women questioned said they want athletic bodies.

• 10% of women want waif-ish frames and "chiseled cheekbones."

Let's bear in mind the survey was conducted by "the Gym Group," which is a chain of gyms, so they're obviously using this survey as an advertisement for their services. But it's still a jumping-off point for an interesting question:

Let's say it's true (and it could be!) that women don't want to be runway-skinny and that men aren't most attracted to women who are runway-skinny. So then if women don't want to look like waifs, and if men aren't attracted to waifs, why are runway models — and Victoria's Secret fashion show models, I don't care how "curvy" I'm supposed to think they are — all waifs?

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