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Ryan Lochte's 18 Fashion Rules

He calls his personal style "rockstar swagger." He dreams of becoming a clothing designer. His idol is Lil' Wayne. And he's shaping up to be the face (and abs and pecs) of the U.S. Olympic team. Let's see what we can learn about fashion from this spectacular male specimen.

1. Embrace corny USA tees.

2. Find unique ways to incorporate American flags into your look.

3. Add bracelets.

4. Get tattoos of meaningful things.

5. Embrace festive swimwear.

6. Experiment with bold accessories.

7. Tie your scarf like a true northerner.

8. Wear sparkly sneakers.

View this video on YouTube

In this video made by Speedo, Lochte discusses his shoe collaboration. "All the stuff that I do, like, the crazy shoes I wear — like the grills I wear on the podium, the crazy shoes all that crazy stuff — like, rock star," he explains. "It's just all my personality — I'm letting you know the real Ryan Lochte." Thank goodness — I was worried we were getting the fake version.

9. Also try: winged flag sneakers.

10. Don't deprive yourself some studs.

11. Medals can double as shirts.

12. When not at a match, wear necklaces instead of medals.

13. Tailor your jeans.

14. Wear a scarf with your evening wear.

15. Monogram your shoes.

16. Have fun with costumes.

17. Pop the collar, role the pants.

18. Don't fear pink.