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Ryan Lochte And Michael Phelps: A Bromance In 13 Photos

Lots of powerful relationships are made at the Olympics. But perhaps none is more significant than the swimmers that together make Phelpte. Feel the love.

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1. Relationships can develop a push-pull quality when partners are in the throes of an Olympic bromance AND fiercely competitive at the same time.


Here Lochte may pull away, but Phelps, perhaps drawn by inexplicable force, eagerly floats forth to his man.

2. The convenient part about being Olympic swimming bros is always having someone around to be straight with you.

Al Bello / Getty Images

"I don't have that embarrassing goggles mark on my forehead, do I?"


5. But at the end of a match, Phelpte knows knows the other is just a plastic floating rope away.


"Bro, tell me when the camera turns away so I can stop making my sexy face."

6. Even this distance can be hard, however, when things get particularly stressful.

Richard Heathcote / Getty Images

"You know, I'm really getting sick of your sexy face. It's like your only face."

7. With no rope between them, will the competition rip them apart?

LEON NEAL / Getty Images

"M.P., how many times I gotta say it? I need to make people think I'm sexy so they buy my sunnies. God bro."


10. Tension arises when Phelpte's attention goes heavily to just one party.

MARTIN BUREAU / Getty Images

"Ruin my shot if you want to but you still have no idea what you're doing."


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