Moody Photos Of CFDA Award Nominees (+ Handbags!!)

Because handbags make the world go round. Just like fur boxing gloves!

The program for the CFDA Awards — the Oscars of fashion — is called the CFDA Journal. Each year the Journal hires a top photographer to capture the nominees and their work, and publishes the material on extremely luxurious cardboard-like paper stock which is then bound into something like a cross between a book and a magazine that puts Broadway Playbills and all your friends’ wedding stationary combined to astounding shame. Here, BuzzFeed Fashion has an exclusive first look at the photographs of the nominees for best accessory design, all shot by Peter Lindbergh in the typically serious and seemingly emotionless mood that defines fashion warriors of this caliber. Enjoy!

2. Alexander Wang

Known for: real fur boxing gloves; real fur heels; the “rocco” bag that has lots of little metal feet all over the bottom; ear cuffs that could cut you.

3. Meet Wang!

Also known for: seductive, well-conditioned hair.

4. Phillip Lim

Known for: the double zippered “pashli” purse; the “31-hour” handbag (which some consider to be the perfect handbag); shoes that you can actually walk in.

5. Meet Lim!

Also known for: astutely matching his ring to his jacket when it counts (e.g. when Peter Lindbergh is photographing you because you might be the best accessory designer in all the U.S.).

6. Proenza Schouler

Known for: the P.S. handbag, the granddaddy of all American-born “It” bags, putting monograms to shame since its heart-stopping (to fashion people) birth about four years ago; shoes that attract street style photographers at fashion week like a swarm of locusts over Africa.

7. Meet Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez!

Also known for: steely yet innocent gazes.

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