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Michelle Obama Joined Instagram

The response: "Now where's the president's Instagram? Lol."

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1. Here's MObama's first Instagram, taken on her trip to Africa.

As you can see everyone is *very* excited about this, except maybe the person who just wants to know where the POTUS' Instagram is. Sorry, but who cares about him when Michelle has arrived? Follow her!

3. She also uploaded a video!

Of students performing a welcome ceremony for her in Dakar. Watch it on her feed.

BTW, while she's cracked Instagram and Instagram video she/the people who do social media for her haven't tweeted since March. It's possible her Instagram foray will soon come to a heartbreaking halt so enjoy it while it lasts now.

4. Here she is mingling with some young ladies at a middle school in Dakar.

"'You all are role models for my daughters, which is why I brought them here today - so that they could be inspired by you just like I am.' -First Lady Michelle Obama at MLK Middle School in Dakar. #FLOTUSinAfrica"

5. And finally, "The Door of No Return" on Goree Island.

Symbolic of the plunge into Instagram, obviously. But this is also a very advanced Instagram move, sharing calming, artistic scenery in a humble brag-like fashion. It's only a matter of time before we know how her breakfast looks through a brownish, nostalgia-harkening filter.

This post has been updated since publication with more Instagrams from the FLOTUS's fledgling yet already spectacular feed.

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