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Megan's Flashy Formalwear, Sally's Gogo Boots, And 16 More "Mad Men" Fashion Highlights

Like mother like daughter — a penchant for attention-seeking clothing is apparently an inherited trait.

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7. Peggy's much more awkward wrap dress and light blue work shirt.

This would have been less ugly without the shirt, but this is Peggy — she doesn't even get her cleavage out for dates with her boyfriend!


11. Megan's pink work dress.

I'm a little surprised she wore this on her big celebration day since she obviously has much flashier, more celebratory dresses in her closet. But maybe it is supposed to symbolize her ambivalence about all of it?

Also, doesn't it look like yoga clothes?


14. Especially Megan, who always has to get the most attention possible when she gets dressed up for a night out.

Seriously, she may as well have been wearing Lady Gaga's fire boobs, her red sparkly thing was so show off-y.

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