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    May This Be The Last Time We Have To Talk About Samantha Brick

    Everyone's panties are still in a twist over this woman and I still don't know why.

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    Has the backlash over Samantha Brick exceeded that over Dara-Lynn Weiss? Because you know who's still upset about her today in addition to, like, everyone? Ann Curry. She furrowed her brow at Brick and asked her on the "Today" show this morning, "Are you serious?" Whatever, Ann. The fact that you're serious as are the rest of the people who are outraged still makes me sad. Brick told her that the original intent of her piece was to address the question, "Why does the sisterhood hate attractive women?" And then, thanks to the Daily Mail's crack team of editors, it got turned into some ridiculous-sounding piece about how hot she finds herself. Or something. It's hard to watch this and pay attention, at this point.

    Brick also spoke about how shocked she is by the response to her piece: "Because I live in France or in the countryside I don't really engage with social media, with Twitter— I'm more doing chores at the home. I've got four dogs, I'm walking my dogs. I'm not someone who's online the whole time."

    Okay, now I kind of hate her.

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