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Maggie Gyllenhaal Wears Sweater As Skirt, Scrunchie As Belt

Let's hear it for Dior, everybody!

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Maggie Gyllenhaal wore this to the premiere of White House Down in New York.

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It looks deceivingly like fish scales on top with Fido's sweater throw on bottom, plus a scrunchie belt to tie them together. But, it's actually one of the finest pieces of fashion to emerge from a runway in recent memory.

Here's how it looked on the Christian Dior runway in Paris. It was part of a collection that practically had critics fainting with joy.

"People left the Dior show today on a high, or I had the feeling they did," wrote New York Times critic Cathy Horyn, continuing, "Was it that Raf Simons had once again changed people’s expectations about Dior and, by association, fashion?" Also, she "was particularly impressed with the many ways that Mr. Simons added a graphical dimension to the clothes — for instance... a tight bunch of frills at the waist."