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    Kim Kardashian And Anna Wintour Now Dress Alike

    Hai, PRADA!

    This is how Kanye West and Kim Kardashian dressed for dinner at Anna Wintour's house the night before the Met Ball.

    Jackson Lee /Splash News

    Kanye was elegantly yet edgily attired his usual leather jeggings, a plush black top, hippie shoe fringe, and an expression as though he'd forgotten who he is. And Kim, who is dying to be in Vogue but hasn't, presumably because she's not the classy type of celeb the editors prefer to feature, wore a skintight black Prada dress and white heels. Prada is one of Anna's favorite labels, so the move was surely calculated.

    Kanye, sources have said, is desperate to get Kim in Vogue, but the only way he might be able to do it is by giving them the first exclusive photos of their spawn.

    The two are rumored to be attending Monday night's Met Ball together.

    247PapsTV / Splash News

    It's only the fanciest, classiest, best, most fashionable red carpet event of the year. Wintour reportedly banned Kim from last year's Met Ball so it would be a "big deal" (not really, but in the small, gossip-y world of fashion, a HUGE story, no pun intended) if she went. The fact that she was allowed in Wintour's home for an "intimate dinner," according to Us Weekly, suggests she'll be allowed onto Wintour's red carpet.

    Wintour loves her Prada coats bearing the same flower motif as Kim's dress.

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

    She wears them to fashion week and film premieres regularly. For the record, this was her Thing before it was Kim's Thing.

    However, she's known to be anti-black.

    Felix Kunze / Getty Images

    So it's hard to imagine how much side-eye she gave Kim for showing up in that Prada dress. She might have been like, "ghastly, black again!" Or, "ghastly, I wear that collection!" Or, "thank God, it's not Sears! We can be friends!"

    We'll probably never know.