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    Kate Middleton's Controversial Red McQueen Dress Made The "Vogue" Best Dressed List

    When Kim Kardashian wore the sleeveless version she had no such luck.

    Kate Middleton wore a red pleated Alexander McQueen dress on the Royal Barge for that wonderfully festive Jubilee event in which fancy boats carrying fancy royals floated down the Thames. The Daily Mail lambasted the Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe choice, saying it was an attention-grabbing, fame whore-y thing to wear on the Queen's big day. To hammer home this point, they posted photos of Kim Kardashian wearing a sleeveless version of the dress.

    Apparently Vogue magazine totally heart-ed the dress, which is the first look on their "Best Dressed" list this week. What might this mean for K-Mid's first ever dressgate?

    1. That Vogue thinks the dress was the right choice for the occasion. The magazine is still considered fashion's "Bible" so a spot on their best-dressed list is a glittery badge of approval for an outfit if there ever was one.

    2. That Vogue thought the dress overshadowed the Queen but didn't care that it did. The Queen is not on the Best Dressed list, which would suggest that K-Mid did in fact overshadow her and thrust herself at the center of a -gate.

    3. That Vogue will put Kate on as many Best Dressed lists as they possibly can until she sits for their cover. The Kate Middleton cover is The Ultimate Most Coveted Cover for print fashion magazines right now. However, Kate has to toe the line between being the glamorous super star her role inherently demands her to be, and not acting in a way that will make the royal family think she's just using them for their fame. So the wooing all the top editors (like those at Vogue) are probably doing is likely to take some time and considerable finesse. Expect her first magazine cover to, like rhino babies, have a pretty long gestational period.

    4. Nothing at all, except that all the editors at Vogue who are British get off on a symbol of their homeland wearing a British label and can't resist putting Kate on the Best Dressed list next to that other princess America knows and loves: Beyoncé.

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