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    Kanye West Resurrects His "Edgy" Dad Jeans

    Or is "tacky" a more apt adjective? You decide!

    This is how raging fashionista Kanye West attired himself to sit front row at the Anthony Vaccarello show in Paris on Tuesday.

    Rather than the black waxed jeans, leather pants, and kilt he's recently favored, he wore his signature faded dad jeans with holes all up the front. Maybe seeing Kim parade about in her vast collection of leather leggings led him to appreciate pants that breathe. It's possible she also made him appreciate pants that don't have giant peplums on them, but most importantly for him โ€” a dude โ€” pants that breathe.

    At New York Fashion Week in September he wore this faded Canadian tuxedo to Louis Goldin's show.

    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images
    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

    That Kanye. So MADEWELL.

    He wore his ripped dad pants to the Burberry show in September.

    Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

    Which of course made him stand out amongst all the front row starlets wearing unforgiving leather leggings. Maybe Kanye likes these pants so much because he's a little self conscious about his thighs?

    And he chose chose baggy dad jeans for his appearance at London Fashion Week last year.

    Neil Mockford / Getty Images

    He even wears them to perform with Jay-Z.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Los Angeles, 2011.

    You see, our friend Kanye has been ahead of the latest denim trends all along.

    Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

    The most popular new denim looks for spring are distressed, baggy, ill-fitting in the crotch, ripped, stained โ€” this kind of thing, according to WWD. Also, wearing more than one denim item at a time.


    So the real question is, what trend will Kanye start next?

    Alan Diaz, File / AP

    Metallic man pearls?