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"Jersey Shore" Reacts To Sandy With Varying Degrees Of Worry, Sense

The Jersey Shore is set to get some of the worst of Sandy's wrath. But but but Vinny has "the craziest" Halloween party on Long Island Wednesday!!! #Ugh.

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You'll be glad to know that, no matter what sorts of natural disasters strike, KARMA will endure, says Jionni.

Of course he has no scientific basis for this. But there's always blind faith.

Snooki can't help but respond to the inevitable troll-y wisecracks about how Sandy might do us all a favor in one respect.


She also forecasts the demise of the site of her drunken past.

The Situation is RT'ing Sandy puns/memes that relate to how AWESOME he is.

Over to JWOWW, she's got a big strong man taking care of her apparently.


But she's keeping one eye on post-devastation fun.

And correcting the ignorant when she can. #communityservice

He later switched to lame — if "yeah, seriously" — puns.


And ultimately, heartfelt good wishes to his fellow cast mates.

Ronnie tried to make a joke, but failed to make total sense.

Unless his house is a slip 'n slide.

He has a news source! Instagram!


The wind is disturbing Sammi's slumber.

I feel her.

But overall, she's got the right message to all in Sandy's path.

This is one of the rare times it's worth listening to her.