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Italian Fur Protesters Sprawl On The Street In The Snow

Just another day at the Prada fashion show.

Guests attending the Prada show at Milan Fashion Week arrived to find these people splayed out on the wet pavement, in the cold, as fat wet snow fell all over them.

"La vostra moda, la loro morte" translates to, "your fashion, their death."

The protesters appear to be wearing the shirts that say "Nemesi Animale," the name of a very pro-vegan Italian animal rights activist group.

The collection incorporated fur for bulbous sleeve cuffs and entire coats.

Luca Bruno / AP

Other pieces were made from leather and what looks like quite a lot of croc.

Tony Gentile / Reuters

The protestors acting out their own death on the ground were rather tame compared to this guy, who stormed Prada's runway in 2007.

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Or this woman, who made her way onto the runway at the Just Cavalli show, which took place shortly after Prada.

Tony Gentile / Reuters

Meanwhile at New York Fashion Week, which recently ended, the most-hyped protest was against not fur, but unpaid internships.

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