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    Internet Reacts To Pippa Middleton's Terrible New Party-Planning Book

    It's called Celebrate and is being widely ridiculed all over the world since absolutely none of her tips are useful or clever in any way.

    Neil Hall / Reuters

    There's the @pippatips Twitter feed that mocks how obvious all of Pippa's party-planning tips are (like: "string cobwebs on tables" when Halloween rolls around):

    This GIF!

    The video of Pippa eating donuts from strings is here.

    (This donut tree business is a "game" she plugs in the book and the basis of "Parade" magazine's new cover story on it.)

    The flurry of press she's been forced to do to promote the book has prompted headlines that may as well read: "BREAKING: Pippa Wears Clothes!"

    And of course, Photoshop:

    This Pippa impersonator.

    And so many other ways to mock Pippa's homemaking skills abound.