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How Might Diva Feminist Beyoncé Respond To The Mommy Wars?

She might not address the issues facing women head on, but we can still look to her vague proclamations for insight.

As the inspiration for the Atlantic's "All the Single Ladies," you must believe, Beyonce, that the role of women in society is changing in fundamentally significant ways.

So are you a supporter of Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" campaign?

Totally. But can a woman be a feminist and stay home with the kids?

Yet, shouldn't women work? Is that not what our foremothers fought for?

So what I'm getting is that you agree with the people who say women don't need men at all.

Ugh, Beyonce! Have you not read the "End of Men"?

So we're on the same page — we women like men but we don't NEED them. We can buy our own dinners and shoes, etc.

You know, that's not really the dating advice I was expecting.

I feel like you're sending me mixed messages about Being a Woman. Just like the media.

And I haven't even asked you yet if you breastfeed.

Or if you agree with New York's Jonathan Chait that men have a higher tolerance for a messy home than women.

Just tell me — am I supposed to put a ring on it or not?

As a woman, can I have this...

AND this?

Maybe the real problem is that women spend so much time critiquing other women's choices.

And instead of manufacturing debates about women for the media's benefit, we should just be comfortable with ourselves, and what we all want in life.

Don't you think its about time to start holding each other up, instead of just knocking each other down?

I'm so glad we had this talk.

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