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How Kate Middleton Learned To Let Loose For Her Exotic Island Adventure

Stiletto pumps and anti-frizz cream won't do when you're in the Solomon islands, where the de-facto mode of transit seems to be a boat, and the humidity always wins.

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The red carpet was rolled out for the Duchess's arrival on Guadalcanal Island.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Prince William can obviously just walk on the pavement next to it.

The two toured the islands over the weekend as part of their never-ending Diamond Jubilee appearances in the Queen's honor.

Kate de-planed wearing a cinched pillowcase and hat that, frankly, could have been a lot more festive.

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But with those perfectly bouyant, frizz-less curls she looks like a brunette Goldilocks. In other words: WINNING.


The next day Kate, seized by a fit of confusion surely, seemed to think she was on a London sidewalk.

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Stilettos:gravel::people caring:Prince William. Some things just don't go, you know!

Eventually her hair just gave way.

Danny Lawson - Pool / Getty Images

Unleashed from the confines of her regular blowout, curling iron, and mousse. Humidity is like going through security at the airport — one of the world's greatest equalizers.


William also looked appropriately not-quite-disheveled, but less "perfect" than usual.

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I kid about how we don't care about him and his "clothes" (which we don't) but I do admire men who aren't afraid of jewel tones.

The Duke and Duchess looked radiant during this procession.

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Except for maybe William, who for once wishes they could take a vacation without being photographed constantly.