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Hairy-Faced Estonian Band Wins Men's Fashion Week

They're named "Winny Puhh."

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The men's fashion shows are taking place in Paris right now. Let's take a moment to check in on what's happening on the runways.

The band hanging from the ceiling is called Winny Puhh.

Owens has quite a thing for this band. "Estonian is such an alien language that when it's shrieked at you by a guy in a wolf mask, it becomes major," he told

Owens stuck to his aesthetic core with athletic inspired looks, but kept critics on their toes with interesting flourishes, like this grass skirt made of leather.

For added drama, the band was suspended from the ceiling

Francois Mori / AP

Leather grass skirts may have figured into the lineup of clothing but this show would definitely not be misconstrued for dainty.

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