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Girlfriend-Less Prince Harry Sounds Lonely

Ladies? Takers?

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Princes William and Harry are making appearances and talking to the media in honor of their grandmother the queen's imminent Diamond Jubilee, which celebrates her 60-year rein. The insanely lucky Katie Couric got to interview both of them individually about what it's like to be them. Prince William, 29, said he was enjoying his marriage, wants kids, and that he and wife Kate Middleton aren't fighting bitterly (not that he could admit it if they were, but I believe in their perfection anyway). As for Prince Harry, 27, who took a Diamond Jubilee tour around the world, he apparently wants more than brief, massively publicized trysts with hot lingerie models. He told Couric:

‘I’ve longed for kids since I was very, very young. And so I’m just, I’m waiting to find the right person, someone who’s willing to take on the job.’

The lonesome prince longs for a lady love he can take on his royal tours with him:

‘I’ve always said that it’d probably be easier as a, as a couple. I don’t have anyone. I wasn’t allowed to bring anybody with me.’

Aw, Harry. Of course it would be "easier." Prince Harry probably can't bring any chicks on official royal tours with him until he marries, and once he does that, everyone will be obsessed with his wife and not care about him. Look at Prince William! No one had a conniption over who would design his wedding dress, or lost their marbles over how great and thrifty he is when he shockingly wears $1,800 suits twice (that's still $900 per wear, mind you). When he and Kate did their North American tour, he was her accessory. She and her clothes were the ones working overtime.

Harry's always seemed pretty good at kicking his feet up and relaxing about his royalty, and once he finds his Kate? He can really go into college senior mode.