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    Get Ready For A New Avalanche Of Royal Wedding Crap

    Kate and William's one-year anniversary is coming up. Naturally, everything from royal wedding puzzles to Barbies are coming out to help you celebrate.

    On April 29, Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrate their one-year anniversary as a married couple. It's okay, take a moment to freak out if you forgot this was coming. (Omigodthisislikeonlyonepercentlessexcitingthanwhentheygotmarried.) Deep breaths? Deep breaths. So now that their year of wedded bliss is almost behind all of us, how are you going to celebrate? Perhaps by buying some of the junk people are making to commemorate the occasion? You know, just like you did before the wedding, when Kate and William could be found on everything from refrigerators to dishes to notebooks to pizza.

    Here are some of the options.

    1. Collector Edition Kate and William Barbie Dolls.

    They only retailed for $100! But they're sold out so I guess if you really want them you'll have to buy them on eBay for twice the price.

    2. The Will and Kate first anniversary mug.

    View this video on YouTube

    The dramatic music in this video (!) really sells it. The only problem is they used Harry's picture instead of William's, but details, shmetails.

    3. A personalized book of newspaper articles about the royal couple.

    It documents their love through the wedding in a collection of British tabloid stories — and you can even get your name in gold lettering on the cover.

    4. The "William & Kate: First Anniversary Celebration" documentary DVD.

    It's not ready yet but available for pre-order!

    5. The Royal Wedding puzzle.

    Comes with 550 pieces — of pure romance.

    6. Royal Wedding playing cards.

    Crazy eights? How about crazy Kates.

    7. Kate Middleton wedding tiara replica.

    You can buy it wholesales in increments of five at this site. With such accuracy in the replication, why would you want any fewer?