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    Posted on Aug 14, 2012

    Gabby Douglas Makes Charming, Fashionable "Tonight" Show Appearance With Michelle Obama

    Sitting next to the first lady — wearing gold of course — the gold medalist reveals she indulged in an egg McMuffin once the Olympics were all over. Michelle teased, "You're setting me back Gabby."

    First, the clip!

    Gabby discusses leaving home as a teen to train, her high-protein training diet, and meeting Duchess Kate Middleton.

    Here's Gabby eight years ago, when she was 8.

    And here's how she arrived on stage at Leno.

    Having spent the past two weeks in track suits and leotards, her stylish appearance (and friendship with MObama) will only leave the fashion world yearning to dress her.

    But at the airport the night of the taping, she wore flats.

    Like an average girl.

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