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    Finally, The Men's Lingerie Market Keeps Pace With The Women's

    Homme Mystere is a line of lingerie — frilly lingerie — for men.

    This is Homme Mystere, a lingerie line for dudes.

    Think of it as a sweatpants alternative.

    Homme Mystere offers things that wouldn't be out of place on Victoria's Secret. Like this thong.

    You can't really describe this product better than the company does itself.

    They also offer bras.

    For those more in the Coachella state of mind, there's the "flower power" style.

    This is the "fun teddy."

    And the "frill g string/thong teddy."

    Yes, this is a real thing. In fact, it became a thing after this video from the line's runway show made its way around the internet recently.

    View this video on YouTube

    The Australian company has been around for years — this promotional video for the mangerie was posted to YouTube in July of 2011.

    View this video on YouTube

    The company understands that this all might seem a little bit confusing.

    According to Gothamist, the Homme Mystere line is a hot seller at a store in New Jersey.

    So does this put to rest the debate of what to call a breast-supporting garment for men?

    Maybe the jury's still out.