Does This Woman Look Like She “Has It All”?

Or, when you look at this, do you just see another creepy fashion ad?

1. The latest campaign for Givenchy features a model holding a baby.

The baby is naked, I guess, because Givenchy does not have a kids’ line (unlike Beckham-tastic Burberry). Is the implication that “having it all” includes high-fashion Givenchy? A hands-free backpack that affixes to the body with with metal hooks instead of straps, leaving you free to tend to a wee one while you wear a four- or five-figure outfit?

2. Because everyone knows this isn’t going to work.

But Givenchy’s baby ad probably had little to do with an explicit reference to The Atlantic’s “having it all” cover story. The campaign’s stylist was Carine Roitfeld, the renowned fashion editor and new grandma who put lots of babies in the inaugural issue of her new magazine, CR Fashion Book.

3. Roitfeld’s work doesn’t question whether women can “have it all” as much as it seems to accept that they will.

4. “Having it all” to Roitfeld, of course, includes fabulous outfits.

So yes, fashion’s approach to baby photography is a little creepy — but! — at least Roitfeld and Givenchy seem to be advertising to women who wear slacks and have kids (the older-than-twentysomething demographic, in other words), which makes sense because those are the women buying these fantastically expensive designer clothes. It’s not teenagers who have barely earned any money.

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