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    Posted on Jul 10, 2012

    Do You Read Your Man's Emails? Go Through His Phone?

    Samantha Brick, the Daily Mail writer everyone loves to hate, does! She's back with another shameless rant about why she feels she must monitor her husband's every electronic message.

    Even though she's acknowledged to worldwide fame that she's one of the hottest women God has ever bestowed on this great earth, Daily Mail writer Samantha Brick feels insecure sometimes. That insecurity stems not from the seemingly embarrassing task of having to defend her hotness on shows like Today, as you might suspect, but her husband, whose electronic communications she relentlessly watches. This is mostly to keep the French women she generally dislikes and deems rabidly horny for him from luring him away from her, she explains.

    Brick notes that Facebook, Twitter, and other e-messages easily allow women to communicate with married or otherwise taken men. "The flirting options are endless: a ‘poke’ on Facebook, a suggestive re-tweet on Twitter, a saucy message on email or text," she writes. "It’s not that I don’t trust my husband, Pascal — I do. I just don’t trust other women."

    So she reads all his texts and emails and goes through his call log to find numbers she doesn't recognize so that she can call them back and find out who they belong to. Brick also allows her husband free reign access to all her emails and other electronic communication. "I don’t think my approach is possessive — rather it’s eminently practical," she argues. "I also believe openness and transparency in marriage is the key to such a relationship thriving."

    Well, that's true! Even though her approach sounds like an awful lot of work and therefore highly impractical. Most of us have enough email, phone calls, Facebook spam and Twitter ego-boosting to keep track of without having to worry about if individuals of the opposite sex are maybe possibly flirting with our partners via Facebook "poke."

    But at least Brick is open about her snooping instead of doing it secretly in the violating way most of the rest of us do (and really, who hasn't snooped in one form or other?). In this technologically advancing age it is very, very easy to violate a partner by reading their texts or Gchats or whatever when they're not around and never tell them.

    However, it sort of sucks that Brick can't vent to her friends about Pascal unless she's speaking to them on the phone or in person. Everyone has to vent about the people they love from time to time. And frankly, with so little verbal communication happening these days that venting often has to be written down in one form or other.

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