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Do You Love Or Loathe Jennifer Lawrence's Dior Phase?

Remember, just a couple of years ago, this girl showed up to the Oscars looking like she had stepped off the set of Baywatch.

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Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence has a deal with Dior to appear in their Miss Dior handbag ads, so she's probably contracted to wear a lot of Dior on red carpets. Nonetheless, her recent Dior gowns have proved some of the most controversial of the year, frankly.

At the Oscars, she showed up wearing a veritable wedding gown with that odd bulbous bottom that looks divine on the runway but sort of perplexing IRL — like a lamp without a shade. Or a snail.

2. She wore a similarly shaped dress to the Golden Globes.


But with pleating over her boobs that made them look all pointy. Did @PointyJLawBoobs never become a thing? She's probably too likable for that.


3. She wore another piece of Dior to the BAFTAs (British Oscars).

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

This might be more palatable to the masses who don't follow the couture runway, though the cut is still unusual enough to be Fashion. I don't quite understand the wet hair, though Bradley Cooper must have liked it a lot judging by how he wore the same style to this year's Oscars!

4. It looked completely smashing with this coat over top.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

Though I'm sure lots of red carpet watchers hated it because it's not a mermaid gown with a wrap.

I like that she did something different!

5. Dior Couture was also her choice for the SAG Awards.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

It sort of just looked like she got stuck in her bed sheet, slapped on some lipstick, and went out the door. Not the most awesome red carpet moment ever but there's a hipness to it.

7. And a Dior suit with a scarf to a "Silver Lining's" screening in New York.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

It's that mom chic thing again. But with the purse Quvenzhané Wallis uses when her puppy one takes the night off.

8. And then there was this brilliant tie-dyed Dior for the Toronto Film Festival in September.

Terry Rice / Getty Images

Maybe her best red carpet look of 2012. Urban Outfitters glam but it works AMAZINGLY on her.

9. And there was this simple blue Dior, also for the Toronto Film Festival.

Sonia Recchia / Getty Images

You can't really say anything negative about this except it's not sparkly or loud in any way. What is the point of being famous, if not to be sparkly and loud at all times? Someone explain this to me.

10. And this was her big red carpet moment at the 2011 Oscars.

John Shearer / Getty Images

No one could stop talking about how hot she is after she wore this simple, tight Calvin Klein tank dress. In fact, maybe after making such a big impact with this dress, she wanted to steer away from looking so bombshell because she didn't want her career to go the way of, oh I don't know, Heather Graham's.

So looking at it that way, the Dior — though my mom wondered "what is wrong with them" when she saw the Golden Globes dress with the weird boob part — has really been a fantastic choice.


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