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Did Beyoncé Upstage Michelle Obama?

I merely pose the question. Only you can decide!

What's missing from this picture?

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Oh that's right — Michelle Obama wearing the outfit everyone was supposed to be the most excited to see this morning. But, the existential question we all face in the aftermath of Monday's inaugural ceremonies is: WAS her outfit the one everyone was most excited to see?

Beyoncé breezed in wearing a fancy ballgown and coat — then threw off the coat, despite the 30-something degree weather — to reveal that the dress was skin tight and see-through!

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

If you're a diva (especially Beyoncé) you basically have to wear a body stocking whenever in the public eye these days, and this Pucci look is basically the ballgown version of a body stocking.

The question each must ask herself is: will you remember THIS more than Michelle Obama's moment?

John Moore / Getty Images

It even has a CAPE! A bodystocking gown with a cape — only Beyoncé can get away with this.

Then of course there was her memorable moment/air kiss with Barack.

Rob Carr / Getty Images

As witnessed — and captured — from many points of view.

Win McNamee / Getty Images

Even little Sasha back there is smirking at how close her dad's face is to Beyoncé's face.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

If your parents were friends with Beyoncé you'd be excited about it, too.

Beyoncé also embraced Michelle, in a moment that was pure magic.

Rob Carr / Getty Images

A rare and memorable occasion of two of the world's most fabulous women coming together — one with new highlights, one with new bangs, one in a Thom Browne coat, one in a pre-noon ball gown...

Was there an iciness there?

John Moore / Getty Images

An awareness in Beyoncé's eyes that she had stolen the show? A chilly regret that maybe she had? A reluctant acquiescence in Michelle's hug that said, I've done this before, it's okay for you to shine like you always do, Bey?

So, DID Beyoncé overshadow Michelle?

Win McNamee / Getty Images


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