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Colbert Explains Why The "Having It All" Author Is A Good Mother

Anne-Marie Slaughter, who wrote The Atlantic's widely-read cover story about how women "can't have it all" visited The Colbert Report the other night. At the end of the segment Colbert opens the magazine to a photo of Slaughter with her two sons, proclaiming: "Neither of them look like they want to be in the picture. That means you've raised two normal boys."

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In other "having it all" news, Random House has decided to turn Slaughter's cover story into a book! And the writer has decided to retire the phrase "having it all," since it seems antiquated and empty. She writes that a more apt title would have been Why Working Mothers Need Better Choices to Be Able to Stay in the Pool and Make It to the Top, which is admittedly less catchy. Though she could abbreviate to "Moms in Pool Have Shit Choices," which is the kind of double entendre that would probably make book buyers look twice.

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