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    Cleopatra Apparently Supermodels' Go-To Halloween Costume

    Gisele and Heidi Klum had grand Cleopatra Halloween plans (the latter of whose was thwarted by Sandy). Though this would have been much more awkward had Heidi Klum's annual epic party gone forth, it's still medium-level awkward.

    Gisele posted this headshot of her Halloween costume to Facebook the night of Halloween.

    Heidi Klum, as is tradition, unveiled her Halloween costume well in advance of the day — but also, well in advance of Sandy.

    Klum canceled her New York party following the devastating effects of the hurricane, leaving Gisele to fly the "I'm a hot Cleopatra" flag all her own. Not that this will stop the internet from the ultimate Halloween "Who Wore It Better" face off!

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