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    Cleavage Is Out, Breastbones Are In

    Hey, fashion designers? Our boobs aren't going to work in these dresses.

    When Emma Stone stepped out at the London premiere of The Amazing Spider Man everything seemed normal. She looked beautiful and fancy in her black sequined Eli Saab* jumpsuit as fans around the world cheered on her clothes-wearing and presence as usual — but something was missing. Just south of her head a triangle of chest flesh lay bare — and apparently breast-less. The jumpsuit effectively flattened the natural curves of her torso, pushing her breasts off to the side, under her armpits maybe, where they wouldn't be a focal point of her look.

    Judging by the recent couture runway collections in Paris, breasts are not due for celebration by the fashion industry any time soon. Fashion goes in and out of phases of breast appreciation, and it would seem now is a no-breasts-thankyouverymuch phase. Let's take a look at some of the plunging V-necks — designed to show off a breast bone, but nary a breast — from the latest couture shows.

    Even dresses that were not plunging V-necks and looked like they should come with a bit of cleavage didn't. Two examples from Dior:

    And while these models don't have large breasts to begin with (very few of the top runway models do since it's not a common physical trait in ladies so thin), these designers have every resource available to them to create the look they want. So if they desired cleavage on the runway, they'd use gel inserts and strategically placed styling tape to create it — like Victoria's Secret does for its runway shows.

    Ample bosoms may not be "in" right now, but at least there are still plenty of quite famous fashion plates out there who would never opt out of their God-given cleavage. These fashion-industry darlings might remind designers that women have boobs that can't always be flattened like a pancake for the sake of wearing a dress or weird cape. Like Blake Lively.

    While fashion may be falling flat, you can still be your breast selves, ladies.

    *An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated Emma Stone's jumpsuit was by Eli Tahari; it was in face designed by Elie Saab.